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Resolving Disputes By Mediation

When a serious accident befalls an individual, the lengthy courtroom battle that often results can seem like an impossible task for everyone involved.

For the injured, the rising tide of medical bills and the path to recovery can make the stress and expense of a trial seem more troubling than helpful. For the party being sued, both the time it could take to resolve the matter and the outcome of the trial could have disastrous consequences.

At this firm, we are committed to helping parties resolve their conflicts efficiently and privately through mediation, saving them time, money and the potential negative outcomes associated with litigation.

Extensive Experience In Personal Injury Law

Attorney Wm. Dennis Brannon has been helping Florida residents for more than 40 years. His understanding and experience with personal injury law and related fields have resulted in a sterling track record and a decorated professional career.

With this background, Mr. Brannon can assist with mediation. He can help you with a broad spectrum of legal conflicts, including:

  • Premises liability claims, including slip-and-fall accidents, dog bite cases, and resort and vacation injuries
  • Motor vehicle accidents, including car and motorcycle crashes, pedestrian collisions and drunk driving accidents
  • Wrongful death cases
  • Incidents involving nursing home abuse and neglect
  • Insurance disputes

Mr. Brannon provides mediation services for parties across the Florida panhandle.


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